BS Session “give yourself PERMISSION”

BS Session “give yourself PERMISSION”

BS Session “give yourself PERMISSION”

BS Session “give yourself PERMISSION”

Give yourself permission, don’t wait on the permission of others. Every life is on a different vision, mission and contribution, stop seeking permission from validation. #DeepThinking

Back in primary school, pupils will take permission from their teacher to go use the loo. But there are times when nature’s call come with so much ring, you didn’t know you didn’t take permission to go to the loo you just went. Yet many are like the pupil in primary school waiting for permission before they answer their life’s call.

You probably may have heard inspirational speakers say “give yourself permission”. Guess who never really considered what it truly meant beyond face value. We all somehow seek out the permission of others consciously and subconsciously. The danger to this sometimes is that it robs you off being your truest self.

Seeking permission is like seeking validation. Expecting a child to do what adults do is not only child abuse but child misuse. Stop seeking permission or validation. The funny part is the people you seek it from don’t have it to give and you can never become their priority because they are self first before they ever think selfless.

There reasons to give yourself permission:

  1. Your life is your life. You will give account for it someday. Give yourself permission to truly live out your life’s mission.
  2. You owe no one any explanation for giving yourself permission. If they can’t see your good they are not worth your gold.
  3. The appreciation you seek is in the permission you refuse give yourself and take. You are your number one validation, give yourself permission.
    Give yourself permission to fail, learn and share. If you don’t, you are your own limitation. #DeepThinking

You can become all you can be when you give yourself permission to do all you must do. #R4HL
Seeking permission from people is like expecting to receive what only can give. People give commendation after you have given yourself permission. @wisdomcounselin
When you truly set out on your life’s vision and mission, you have truly given you permission. #R4HL

Those you seek permission from people many times get omission and termination. Why seek what you already have, give yourself permission. -Osagie Alex

On the UPGRADE side of life, we have given ourselves permission to chase our greatness like is a covert operation.

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