Have you ever been in a situation where you realize that money isn’t always the true measure of value. I recently discovered that nothing is truly ever too much, it just depends on how value it is to us and then we can pay the price.

What most people are yet to understand is that having money doesn’t necessarily give value but what you do with the money that brings value. Of what good is the money in your hand, when you can’t exchange for the value that upgrades your life.

The sad part about how much is too much is that we spend more most times on things that doesn’t necessarily add value and question the things that do add value. Many suddenly realize they have great negotiation skills when it comes to pricing how much yet they still don’t take action.

Three reasons how much is too much:

1) Value over price. You must consider the value of what you are getting and becoming over the price you are paying or investing.

2) Paying the cost exposes you to premium networks. You can’t access great minds when you hang around small minds.

3) When you truly desire something, especially when it relates to your upgrade you must do what you must do.

Nothing great comes cheap and cheap things are not great. How much is too much is a question of value not price. #DeepThinking

It is not expensive or too much it just depends on what it is on your value list. If you truly value it, you will pay full price. #R4HL

Those who consider how much will seldom take action because the money in their pocket/purse is of more value to them than the value they are exchanging it for. @wisdomcounselin

Money will always be spent or invested, what counts is how much you spend or invest in what is valuable to you (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially).

How much is too much for your personal development and upgrade? Those who consider price(cost) end up paying price(regret). – Osagie Alex

On the UPGRADE side of life, nothing is too much in exchange for upgrade. Value over price always.

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