If it happens fast, it will not last. Greatness takes time. To build anything worthwhile invest your time knowing the why. There are no overnight success, success happens over nights. #DeepThinking

Most people just want everything thing now. Many single ladies would rather have Mr. Right now instead of waiting for Mr. Right. The ultimate is sacrificed on the altar of the immediate and delayed gratification is not among the options.

I know we live in the generation of the “instant”. Everything happens fast that the speed of light plays catch up yet we miss out on the most unchanging principle that anything great takes time, it takes time. Evolving and upgrade takes time. Don’t rush the process, like a wise man said “you can’t get a baby in a month by getting nine women pregnant”.

Have you ever wondered why as weird as it seems though it takes time not everyone knows what he/she has to do with time. So while time just passes by for some, others makes the most of time. Cast your mind back to January till now, all you have become took time and all you are yet to become is because you haven’t invested the time needed.

Understand that for F.I.G (friendship, influence, greatness) it takes time. Time flies when you are not in the cockpit and if you truly desire F.I.G do what you must do about it.

Three reasons why it takes time:

1) time is a measure of passion and ambition. Those willing to go all the way never loses their way.

2) time is the transition from hobby to talent to skill to mastery. No one gets to the prime without doing the time.

3) it is nature’s order: seed, time, and harvest. We thought it was seedtime and harvest, but it was actually seed, time, and harvest.

There is a time for everything doesn’t mean everything must have time. It takes time but know what takes your time. #DeepThinking

Anyone who fails to invest in time, will pay interest in time. The time you waste is never wasted time. #R4HL

Time and chance happens to us all. You need time to take your chance, and your chance will take time.

The highest level of irresponsibility is doing something so great you should never have done in the first place. @wisdomcounselin

Excellence or mediocrity, wisdom or foolishness, wealth or poverty, influence or influenza, happy or sad, right or wrong, hard work or crime, upgrade or no grade, it takes time. #R4HL

Do nothing, do something, do great thing, for anything and everything, it takes time. – Osagie Alex

The first deposit you pay as price for the prize is time. It takes time. What you do everyday you become great at someday.

On the UPGRADE side of life, we understand the times, applying principles daily knowing greatness takes time.

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