I pray, I prayed, I’ll pray.

I pray, I prayed, I’ll pray.

I pray, I prayed, I’ll pray.

Let me nutshell excess and tell you of how she became the essence, she brought color to my world more than my iris have done to my eyes, moments without her were times I became restless for she, was the most beautiful, dutiful, and the perfect of all I’ve seen, don’t know if she was made for me, but I want her anyway, so I pray. I did.

Lord, I pray I have her, I didn’t precede your name with dear for I’m not a saint, I’m more of a sinner, but if what the believers say has any truth in it, you don’t care. I’m BELIEVING you’d deliver.

We got off on the good foot and then we caught mayday, a couple of maydays actually, this is a rush through them so let me just get to the highlight that, she got cancer. So the doctor said, he broke my heart, for his words fell on my ears like a china plate.

Dear Lord, I prayed I have her, I precede your name with dear now not that I’m a saint but now I’m less of a sinner, but if what I believe in has any truth in it, you don’t care. Save her please for I want to sing you eulogies and not near some deep hole eulogy. I’m BELIEVING you’d deliver.

She’s hale and healthy, was in her sound mind and still is, when she started acting up like our relationship will soon be hitting the theaters, good heavens know she had me all confused on what was going wrong ‘cos this wasn’t normally how she operate. She complained quite a whole lot, they were glaringly excuses for when she said it was over was after I caught her under him reciting hymns in a manner that startled me.

So dear Lord, I’ll pray, I’m sorry I’ve only come for selfish reasons but for just this once more I seek you for a similar reason and thereafter I’ll with reasoning.

I’m off to tell her of how funny it is that the fights we had didn’t stop me from planning on ringing her finger, I’ve be taking up jobs in hope of a life for us that’d be better, cancer couldn’t break us apart so I really do find it funny that a guy did ‘cos he has more money, he did what death couldn’t pull off, how ironic!

So I’ll, not pray that her action be reciprocated unto her for I loved her, not that evil befalls her for I’m now a believer, but that our paths never cross again for I now un-believe-her. I’d hate to become an unbeliever again.

Like how it all began.

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