Love For Sale(Cover) -Cirphrank

Love For Sale(Cover) -Cirphrank

Love For Sale(Cover) -Cirphrank

My Pocket’s filled with emptiness
Expensive things only my mind can wear
I’ve got a lady I like, and oh yea she knows
But hell no, she can’t date a guy who is broke…

I’m broken, downcast, so I’m asking: Who’s buying?

Trees die out eventually but they got burned down
Deforesters says that take too long
Why not put it out once the first fruit is done with a flame burn
These grasses are screaming as they get trampled upon

Sullen, Broken, so I’m asking: Who’s buying?

The ocean’s grieving ‘cos it’s dirty
I don’t need all these filth it only makes me unfit
What happened to one good turn deserves a similar run?
Why do I give so much good and all I get is just wrongs?

See I’m dying, disheartened, so I’m asking: Who’s buying?

I feel I speak for us all, when I say that we’re done
Our love was for free but now it’s under lock and key
For the worst things in life are what come free to us
So we now have a price, forget the prize if you can’t afford
Our love’s no longer free

‘Cos I’ve got great ambitions but that doesn’t qualify me as her companion
I’m out of her vision if for a second my pocket is missing in action
The trees are tired of the bully, and oceans are fed up with the sick things
See our love was for free but the reply was slavery.
So now shop’s open, it’s official, we’re selling.

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